After recent events in the fediverse I have made a decision on how I want to be operated going forward, and I am going to need your help.

Failing to meet any of the below stated goals within a month, and I will have to give all users notice and begin the 3 month shutdown period. During which backups can be made and users can migrate to other instances.

A third of expenses covered on OpenCollective

This can be tracked on the technology-page. If donations drop under the limit for over a month, the 3 month shutdown sequence will commence.

At least two moderators

I’m looking for two to three people who want to moderate this site, with the goal of handling all moderation tasks without any involvement from me.

The work load is very low so far, but you should follow certain practices such as enabling notifications so you’re aware of new reports. Other than that, each moderator should only follow the server rules and their own ethics to make judgements.

I would estimate on average one case a week, but this last month has been unusually busy with 13 cases. To have two moderators is only for redundancy.

So this job shouldn’t be at all time consuming, but it’s also unpaid.

A moderator is also expected to have personal contact with the admin over phone or video, I need to know to whom I am handing over access to all the user data.