It is with an extremely heavy heart I must notify you that is shutting down on 2023-05-11 (may 11th, 2023), exactly three months from today’s date.


I will probably write more about my personal journey on my personal blog sometime soon, but the reason can be summarized like this;

Too much time is spent defending from being blocked by other instances. This of course started with the drama in december, and it’s very emotionally draining to have to defend myself and my users from people online who don’t even know me. has been added to organized blocklists that are being widely recommended to new server admins, and these blocklists are basically saying that there is no way to get off them. I am limiting my user’s access to the fediverse by keeping them on my server, they will have a wider reach on another instance that isn’t being blocked.

What do we do now?

I recommend all users to begin migrating their accounts to another Swedish-owned instance, here are some examples.

How does one migrate?

Here is a guide.